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Smart sales, even smarter shopping

A Smart Tag on the site tracks user behaviour. Information is stored in a secured database – personal information is never shared or sold.
Information is processed by Skye which uses machine learning to create personalised content.
A decision engine uses relevance (behavioural patterns, correlations) and bidding information.
Content is added to the website through the Smart Tag, and shoppers see appropriate and personalised content.

Through personalised content, and options to bid on content units on retail sites:

Skye creates a more engaging experience for shoppers. 

Brands have a unique opportunity to influence high intent shoppers’ purchases.

Retailers maximise the value of their websites and generate new revenue.

Around half of shoppers begin searching for products on their favourite retailer’s site.

The next frontier of Digital Marketing

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Shoppers have a more engaging retail experience by being shown more personalised content.


With more relevant products shown, loyalty increases and conversion is higher.


Brands bid for their products to be shown in retailer-selected slots and matched to shoppers.

Retailers retain control over content. A dashboard will allow retailers to:

Set available slots (e.g. native content slots, banners)
Define personalisation rules
View shopper activity
Recognise the real value of content slots
Check income and payment statuses


Engage with high-intent shoppers and influence final purchasing decisions.


By using Skye you can grow incremental sales and capture market share from your competitors.


With Skye’s dashboard you can analyse returns on spending and reduce wasted marketing budgets.

A brand dashboard will show SKU-level sales as well as a host of other information, allowing brands to:

Adjust campaigns, bidding, and business logic
View and edit products and adverts
See numbers of views, clicks, sales for products and generate reports
Review advertising ROI
Receive suggestions from Skye (based on machine learning) and track correlations between product lines

The Skye Assistant uses machine learning to recommend personalised content for the user, as well as which segments should be targeted.

Be part of the future

FusePump is piloting Skye with retailers, and beta testing with brands. To sign up for piloting/testing and get ahead of the game, or for more information, please get in touch:

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