This policy will describe how our products work and what data is processed when we are providing services to our clients and partners.

Our products:

Our products include: BuyNow and Feed Management. below is some information about how we interact with consumers.


In general, we embed price comparison tools onto brand websites without purchasing options themselves, to see the best price available for brand products.

In order for our tools to function and operate correctly, we may collect some tracking data on you. We only collect what is absolutely necessary to allow our tools to operate – this means for BuyNow to be used we cannot turn off tracking, as the cookies are functional and help the product work.

We have two tracking systems to collect information:

  • ATOM (FusePump proprietary platform)
  • Google Analytics

We use this tracking for:

  • Impressions (how many times an asset is opened)
  • Interactions (what on an asset has been used)
  • Clicks (this relates to clicks on BuyNow buttons which then redirect users to third party pages)
  • Sales (some sales tracking of what products have been bought)

The personal data we collect is:

  • Cookie ID

Why we collect it:

  • We only use the Cookie ID to understand the unique users visiting, versus those that return more than once, and the number of leads generated to get a purchase funnel view
  • Cookie IDs expire after 30 days – this means we no longer have any tracking data until you next use BuyNow.

Feed Management:

Feed Management is a tool used by our clients, usually retailers, to allow them to compete on marketplace sites, like Google Shopping.

FusePump are employed by these clients to scrape their own sites, using a number of techniques, to capture and normalise product data. Once this is completed we feed this information to marketplace sites allowing our clients to appear as a listed retailer.

If you click to buy an item from one of our clients we will capture

  • a FusePump ATOM cookie, with a user having a unique cookie ID
  • This cookie has an expiry of 30 days

As we have a client relationship, some clients put our Sales tag on their checkout page. When the client have this in place, when you checkout, our tag sends a search to look for a corresponding click (cookie ID) and, if found, the sale is attributed to the corresponding click.

For this, there is no opt out method here as FusePump do not have ownership of the integration partner.

These cookies are used for functionality and attribution. They are not used, or permitted for use in advertising or remarketing.

You can disable cookies and delete them through the browser if you wish. Please see your browser’s menu settings to make these changes.

For questions about our Services please contact us at or submit a form on our Contact us page.

Last updated May 2018