Feed Management

We create, optimise, and manage data feeds so that your products appear in the right place at the right time.

Create: We combine FusePump’s website scraping technology, APIs and files to create the highest quality data feed.
Optimise: We organise and optimise the feed so that it can be integrated with any channel, and to enhance the quality of the data. We have clever technology like Image Optimisation, Link Validation and an approval tool that makes data feeds smarter and better.
Manage: Feed Management is a constant process, and our expert account managers will make sure the feed keeps delivering results. They can also advise on how to make the most of your data and drive more sales.

Getting all of your product data in one place, in the right format, and delivering results can be a complicated and time-consuming task.

FusePump’s Feed Management solution is a complete service: from comprehensive feed creation using our proprietary web-scraping technology, to feed optimisation, and channel integrations.

With expert account managers who live and breathe data, we ensure that your data feeds are always of the highest quality and can advise you on how to make more of your product data. All of this means that you’ll maximise your sales on Google Shopping and other key channels.

Multi-channel marketing

Your consumers don’t dwell in one place, and neither should you. Good multi-channel marketing pushes your products in front of more of the right people. And FusePump makes it simple.

With high-quality data feeds you can promote your products in the channels wherever you want to be visible, and however you want to reach customers.

FusePump’s Feed Management can optimise and repurpose your data feed for any integration:

Global? Of course


and many more…

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