What does FusePump do?

Great start. Generally, we help brands with digital commerce. Specifically, we provide ecommerce solutions based on product data. Usually this is in the form of a product data feed, either from your ecommerce websites or the various sites of your retail partners. We have two core solutions, and a consulting arm:

Feed Management

  • Creation, management and optimisation of feeds for use in channels such as Google Shopping, search & PPC, price comparison sites, affiliate marketing and retargeting.
  • Helps clients get all of their product data in the right format, and delivers improved online performance


  • Connects customers with real-time prices from retail partners
  • Helps clients make the most of their brand websites and brand assets across the web – making them shoppable
  • Uses the product data from retailers to promote brand product offers, give engaged customers a simple route to purchase, and track consumers to a sale

FusePump Consulting

  • In-house team who can partner with clients to devise and develop the digital commerce solutions of the future, and bespoke solutions that meet specific business challenges.

Which countries does FusePump operate in?

We’re based in the UK, but have clients across the world. Our solutions are currently active in 35 different markets.

Feed Management

What is a product data feed?

A product data feed is a collection of information about products – usually your products. This can be created in various ways (and it can come from more than one source) and is used to feed products into marketing channels such as comparison shopping engines and affiliate marketing channels. Learn more.

How do you collect product information?

We collect product information in several ways. Our clever technology allows us to scrape websites for product details, and we can also accept product feeds in a file format, from a web address or through FTP. We can also work with a CSV or XML file, or an API. Our data wizards can work with an existing API or build you one.

What is website-scraping?

A lot of retailers find that, because they use several back-end systems to power their websites, their product information only really comes together (price, description, availability and so on) on their ecommerce website. Therefore scraping the website for the most accurate, up-to-date information makes sense. FusePump sends a crawling agent to access the information on your site, working out what the data type is etc etc Learn more.

How often do you scrape websites?

For most of our clients we do this once per day, but in some scenarios we can increase this to update data a few times a day, or even hourly. Ask the team about making special arrangements for Black Friday.

What is an API?

We use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) as a smart way to gather and distribute vast or complex data sets. Travel clients, for example, may find that a website scrape and traditional product data feed is too difficult to achieve on a daily basis, due to the size and complexity of the data associated with travel products. APIs allow faster access to data, and a way for partners to get at data quickly – and only the data they really need.

Is technical resource required on my side?

Generally, no! We have all the technology we need here to produce a product data feed, and to turn this into feeds for all your different marketing partners, from Google to display retargeting.

How does your pricing structure work?

The short answer is that there’s a fixed fee for the initial set up and then there are ongoing monthly fees for maintenance and account management.

The long answer is that we’ll do a quick but thorough evaluation of what you want, the structure of your sites, sources of data, the number of products in the feed, the number of integrations etc. and get back to you with a price.

What is the average setup time?

Once scheduled with the production team, a feed will be set up on our system in 2-3 weeks. This depends on the requirements and complexity of your data, but we usually estimate:

  • 5-7 days for the scrape build (this would be less for additional markets)
  • 2-3 days per feed

Can you improve my current product data feed?

We perform over 20 standard optimisations to a product data feed before we even create the individual feeds that go to your marketing channel partners.

Can I track the performance of my feed?

Absolutely. Our click-tracking lets you see which channels are generating the most traffic to your site, and which products are performing best. You can see this in our marketing platform, or through reports provided regularly by your account manager. We also offer a free site tagging service that will let you see the number of sales generated by your channel marketing efforts.

Which marketing channels should I use?

Great question. It will depend on your industry and market, and what you are willing to spend on digital marketing. Luckily, our team of account managers are experts in digital commerce, and are always happy to provide advice and guidance on which channels could be the most profitable for you – and how to make the most of them once you take the plunge.

Which channels do you send data to?

All of them! We have lots of partners in the industry, working closely with the top affiliate networks, Google Merchant Center, digital agencies and comparison shopping sites. But our technology and expertise means we can help you get your products listed on any site that accepts product listings!

Can I work with a marketing channel that isn’t mentioned on your site?

Almost definitely. We already work with more than 150 marketing channels, but we are striking up new relationships all the time. Contact us today to find out more.

Do you offer international integrations?

For sure! We work with global clients in a range of industries, and we integrate with marketing channels across the world. Indeed, having a high-quality product data feed can make it quick and simple for your business to sell products in new markets. Contact us today to find out more.

What is affiliate marketing?

The affiliate marketing model works something like this. A merchant allows publishers (people with their own websites) to promote the merchant’s products, and if a consumer clicks the link on the publisher site and goes on to purchase, the merchant pays the publisher a percentage of the sale value. FusePump helps merchants get their live product data to affiliates and affiliate networks in a simple and usable way, and helps publishers promote the merchant’s inventory in dynamic and engaging ways.

How do I get my products listed on Google?

You need two things: a Google Merchant Center account and a high-quality product data feed. We can provide the feed, all you need to do is sign up with Google and we can provide more guidance from there.

What data feed formats do you provide?

We can provide data in whichever format you require. Our business is built around providing customised feeds that meet partner specifications.

What are custom labels?

These replaced AdWords Labels in Google. You can find more detail here.

What kind of retailers can you provide feeds for?

Basically, any. We have over 70 clients operating in a wide range of industries from fashion, groceries and mobile phones, to electronics and bicycles.

I sell travel products and have very complex data. Can you help me?

Of course! FusePump prides itself on being able to make sense of, and distribute effectively, complex data sets or data from numerous sources. We work with several big (and small) businesses in the travel industry, helping them reach customers in meta-search and other marketing channels.

What makes your service unique amongst competitors?

This was a genuine question in a recent email, not just a chance for us to brag. Where to start? Here’s a few:

  • We are data feed experts. Product data is our bread and butter and central to our business.
  • FusePump manage all aspects of creating, managing and optimising data feeds – not just one part of the process.
  • Our Feed Management technology has been developed over 10 years and continues to be updated in line with our clients’ needs.
  • The Feed Management technical team are UK based, and work closely with the account managers on a daily basis.
  • Our account managers are data feed experts and use their technical and market knowledge to advise and support clients, as well as managing the feeds.
  • We have a track record of working in partnership with some of the largest retailers in the UK and Europe


What is BuyNow?

BuyNow connects customers with real-time prices from retailers. This can be done on a brand website which is made shoppable using BuyNow buttons, or BuyNow buttons can be added to other brand assets wherever customers are browsing. The BuyNow buttons show live retailer prices and give customers a simple route to purchase. BuyNow relies on data we collect from a brand and their retail partner, to provide a comprehensive database of product offers, updated as frequently as required (usually every hour).

How does BuyNow work?

BuyNow is a referral marketing solution. We ‘scrape’ or gather product offers data from your retail partners (and brand site, where you also sell directly) and create a database that you can use in numerous ways. For example, we can help you set up landing pages on your site that let users compare product offers from different retailers then click through to purchase. You could also add ‘BuyNow’ links on product pages, category pages or your brand homepage, which users would click to see the offers available (on one or several products, from one or several retailers). BuyNow buttons can be added to brand assets anywhere else on the web too, including in social media ads (e.g. on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube), embedded in emails, in display ads… there are lots of options for deploying BuyNow, but the key is that the trackable BuyNow links give you insights on your brand consumers’ buying journey and path to purchase. Find out more.

What is website scraping?

Website scraping involves sending a crawling agent to any website to gather information, in the same way as search engines ‘crawl’ websites to assess their content and ranking for keywords. For BuyNow, we crawl websites to scrape information about product offers, including pricing and availability, plus any other parameters required. It’s totally legal and above board – all information gathered is ‘consumer-facing’ and publically available!

Can you gather data from any number of retail partners?

Yes! We work with global brands who need us to scrape retailers across the world, and that’s fine: our technology is flexible and there are no limits on which websites we gather information from.

What insights can I gather from BuyNow?

When a user clicks on BuyNow to a retailer site, you will see their journey in your dashboard. We can also track sales through BuyNow where a tagging solution is in place.

Options for tracking sales include:

  • Becoming an affiliate of the retailer, so you not only get visibility on the leads you deliver but also commission for referrals
  • Tagging the retailer site – need their cooperation to do this
  • Our own sales tracking solution

What is ‘shoppable content’?

Basically this is a way of taking editorial or visual ‘content’ (the softer stuff) and adding some layer of harder content – the live product data – to allow people to buy the products you mention, quickly and easily. It’s about connecting content and commerce and FusePump can help you automate this process.

What is a lightbox?

The BuyNow Lightbox is a nifty tool for deploying BuyNow quickly on your brand’s website. Within the BuyNow platform is a lightbox creator tool, where you can pick the design features of the lightbox, then generate a code to insert wherever relevant on your website. The output is a box featuring product offers that appears on top of the webpage when a user clicks the call to action. It doesn’t interfere with the user experience, take people to a new page, or involve some awful pop-up hosted by another site. It’s just lovely.

FusePump Consulting

What is FusePump Consulting?

FusePump Consulting is an innovative full service digital technology agency. While FusePump is built on our core products, after years of software innovation and development experience in digital commerce we’ve found that we’re now pretty great at developing new solutions. So our growing FusePump Consulting team work with clients to imagine, create, develop and test completely new, bespoke, solutions that keep them ahead of the competition.

FusePump has a track record of creating market-leading solutions and developing bespoke software to address specific business challenges. For example, the Feed Management and BuyNow solutions were developed by our team, long before these became mainstream digital commerce products, and there are lots more ideas and developments in the pipeline.

What kind of things can FusePump Consulting do?

There is almost no limit to what the team could do, in partnership with a client. For example, we’ve previously worked on app development, dynamic display creative, and transactional commerce capabilities. Whatever your challenge, we’re always happy to work with others who are seeking innovative ways to succeed in digital commerce.

Any examples of FusePump Consulting work?

There are a couple of new innovations we are piloting at the moment that we can discuss with you – we’d love to talk to you about our work on ‘SmartBuy’ and recent work on an eBay shop-in-shop solution. Please get in touch if you’d like more information. There are also a few things we can’t talk about just yet that you’ll probably hear about soon (or use without even knowing)!

Contact us

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