Make brand assets shoppable.

BuyNow connects your customers with real-time prices from retailers, wherever they’re browsing.

Analytics: All information from sales and interactions can be tracked and fed into an analytics platform. Insights from analytics can be fed back to improve the data.
Data: We use APIs, scrapes and data from brands to create a comprehensive database of product information. This high-quality real-time data powers the BuyNow product offers across the digital landscape.
On-site: Up-to-date product offers are shown in a lightbox on your brand website that includes different retailer options and a ‘Where to Buy’ store locator.
Driving sales: The BuyNow lightboxes direct customers to retailer pages where they can buy the product.
Off-site: BuyNow buttons can be used in marketing content across the web, including in emails, social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter), and display advertising.

Brands that don’t sell directly miss out on opportunities every day, as engaged customers browse and research products but have no clear path to purchase. Brand assets don’t convert to sales.

BuyNow closes the loop. With data gathered from retailers every hour, FusePump’s BuyNow solution gives customers live product prices and a simple purchase journey – driving sales for brands.

What can BuyNow do?

BuyNow shortens and simplifies customer journeys from any digital channel. So, rather than just hoping that customers remember your marketing efforts, BuyNow can channel engaged customers directly to purchasing options.

  • Live offers – updated every hour
  • Turn your brand website into a shoppable site
  • Where To Buy store locator shows offline purchase options
  • Promote offers in all off-domain channels, including social media
  • Use simple tools for custom lightbox design
  • Create trackable links
  • Analyse and optimise marketing ROI

BuyNow buttons on-site and across the digital world

With FusePump’s BuyNow solution any time a customer interacts with your brand, wherever they are browsing, they have the opportunity to shop.

BuyNow buttons on your website can drive significant revenue. Some of the key options and features of the on-site solution are outlined below, and your FusePump team will be happy advise you on how to make the most of on-site BuyNow.

  • Lightbox
  • Where to Buy
  • Embedded
  • Full Page
  • Hotspots
Where To Buy: The Where To Buy solution is integrated into brand website lightboxes. This shows customers up-to-date information about the product’s availability in physical stores in their area of choice
Embedded: Instead of using a lightbox, an embedded solution can be integrated into a site. Embedded solutions have all the features of a lightbox, but without altering the flow of your web page.
Hotspot: Using hotspots allows images on a brand website to become shoppable. Interacting with a hotspot opens a pop-up where dynamic product data can be displayed.

If your brand doesn’t have a dedicated website, FusePump’s BuyNow solution offers customisable campaign landing pages. Each brand has the ability to create multiple landing pages for each campaign, and A/B testing can be done to test their effectiveness.

  • Campaign focused
  • Retailer First Layout
  • Product First Layout
  • Implement across channels



Retailer First: Allow customers to pick their preferred retailer, seeing all associated offers.
Product First: Show all available offers for a single product or group of products.

BuyNow allows you to display real-time product prices at any point of interaction with your customers online. This includes social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and WeChat. We’ve recently run a pilot in Snapchat as well.

For example we have successfully used BuyNow in the following contact points:

  • Facebook: News Feed, Landing Page, Retailer Page, Canvas Ads, Organic Placement
  • YouTube: Sponsored Cards, Skippable Video Ads
  • Instagram: Instagram Feed, Landing Page, Retailer Page, Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads


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With BuyNow integrated into your emails you can share up-to-date offers as part of a newsletter, and send relevant offers to different segments.

  • Up-to-date pricing
  • Easy to integrate code
  • Removes a click to purchase
  • Increases Lead Generation
  • Increase CTR
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BuyNow enables you to create compelling display assets, complete with live product information. There are ad templates and fully customisable features within the Ad Creator tool on the BuyNow platform. This can all be controlled in real-time.

Standard Adverts

Bespoke Adverts

A truly global solution


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