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Nokia BuyNow Solution Drives

Nokia uses the award-winning FusePump BuyNow solution to display smartphone and tablet offers from retailers on their website. If someone is on looking for a specific handset, they can use the referral engine to compare product features, prices and tariffs across every Nokia retailer – and then buy online in two clicks.

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Nokia Feeds BuyNow into the Display Channel

Once FusePump had finished building the BuyNow API for Nokia, their next step was to get the technology working in other channels. So FusePump created these dynamic display adverts, showing the available products and pricing in a carousel.

FusePump and Nokia could also track every interaction with the advert, offering hugely valuable insights.

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sony mobile offers more on

Sony Mobile uses the FusePump BuyNow solution to display their range of smartphones on their website, complete with all available offers from their retail partners. The referral engine allows customers to compare Sony products: they can then buy the handsets and tariffs from the retailer that offers them the most suitable deal. Simple.

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Sky Affiliates have more to play with

Sky asked FusePump for a content-based Flash advert, designed specifically for the affiliate channel. So we built one.

The ad can be pre-loaded with the most relevant Sky products for affiliates' sites, keeping it relevant and useful. Simply hover over the ad, choose the product you want, and click through to see your basket pre-populated on Sky's e-commerce website.

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Ticketmaster Affiliate Tools

Ticketmaster have a range of affiliate tools, all lovingly made by FusePump.

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Waitrose Wines Widget

The Waitrose Wines Widget is a great little tool to put anywhere on a website. It's a great example of getting more from your product data: produce a feed for a little content unit like this, let it run during a campaign, then re-skin it and use a different feed when required.

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Learn More 'Inspire Me' made the most of their product data, by creating an alternative user journey for customers that needed a little nudge in the right direction.

FusePump built a web application that allowed the user to select what was most important for them in a holiday (like 'culture' or 'nightlife') and then view some suitable destinations. All the available hotels for each destination were then shown on a map, and the details for each hotel could be viewed when users clicked the marker.

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Marks & Spencer iPad app

FusePump can take your product data and build a bespoke data feed, to make it available across mobile and tablet applications. This M&S app is a good example, combining beautiful images with interactive product information, giving it the feel of a magazine.

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House Of Fraser Affiliate Tools

The House of Fraser Hub is a dedicated fashion marketing affiliate hub. Our hub designs are modular, and we can include whatever functionality our client needs.

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Tesco Mega Hub

We provide all the affiliate marketing tools for each of the Tesco brands, and make these available through the Tesco Mega Hub. It's pretty impressive.

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Sykes Cottages adverts employ a clean, easily searchable interface, allowing the user to choose when, where and how they holiday. Thanks to the clear images and high levels of interactivity, the advertising generates a high level of consumer engagement.

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Using a data feed, Achica can showcase their entire product inventory in just one standard-sized advert – and allow people to search through it.

Affiliates using the advert can select the products they want to display prior to deployment, creating contextually relevant adverts that increase engagement and click-through.

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John Lewis Perfect Gift on Facebook

Using a data feed makes it easy to create sticky content that users love to share.

The Gift Finder solution for John Lewis allowed customers to browse gift ranges based on someone's preferences, and the choices could be stored and shared as gift lists.

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