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High Quality Product Data



Think Product Data – Think FusePump

“Overlooking quality - especially when it comes to data – is a big mistake…The correct data will drive customer acquisition, incremental sales and contribute towards increasing the lifetime value of a customer. The wrong data can impact brand reputation, growth and see an advertiser lose customers to a more savvy competitor.”

Helen Southgate, UK Managing Director,Affilinet

High Quality Product Data

Does your data feed supplier extract all of your product data?

FusePump are product data experts. We wanted to set out clearly why high-quality data is important for digital marketing and how high-quality data allows for the production of great consumer facing content and fully optimised channel integrations. To be considered high-quality, your product data must be:

  • Comprehensive - extract and use as many product attributes as possible for marketing
  • Accurate - ensure consumers are presented with the right product information
  • Consumable - distribute product data effectively into sales channels and advertising content

We start by explaining why extracting comprehensive data is so important.

Comprehensive Data – Maximise Your Opportunity

To create a comprehensive product data feed, data can be combined from a variety of sources. It can be extracted (scraped) directly from an e-commerce website, a product data feed (XML file) or an API. This allows data consumers and advertisers to access all the product attributes needed to represent your products in many online marketing channels and applications

It’s all about your product attributes

To be an effective multichannel retailer or brand, you must be able to access and distribute a comprehensive range of detailed product attributes relating to the products that you wish to promote. These attributes are used to represent your products across multiple online channels and the more data you can extract, the more product attributes you can promote. From a consumer perspective, it’s important to be able to browse and compare detailed and relevant product data including product title, description, images, price and availability.

FusePump are Leaders in Data Extraction

  • Our software agents are built and customised for each individual client, allowing us to extract 100% of your product data and attributes from multiple sources e.g. websites, Excel files and APIs and combine it into a master feed.
  • We automate future data extractions so that they take place when site usage is minimal and our account managers check the data frequently using our Feed Inspector tool.
  • We reduce the scrape and website load time by taking just the URL of certain attributes e.g. images.
  • We extract unseen product data from JavaScript hidden in the product page and block superfluous content to speed up the extraction process.
  • We also extract associated product data visible further on during the consumer purchase journey e.g. delivery information.

In summary

  • Ensure you can promote all of your product attributes to your consumers
  • Have complete control over where, how and when your products are marketed
  • Improve and optimise product performance within channels
  • Take advantage of new marketing channels easily
  • Respond to changes from channel partners, e.g. a new product attribute in Google Shopping

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Think Product Data – Think FusePump

“High-quality product data is crucial for Cath Kidston, especially as our products come in a variety of colours and sizes so we need all product listings to be extremely accurate. We also don’t want our customers to click on a product, only to find it’s out of stock; luckily rich, continuously updated data prevents this…”

Brogan Savage, Online Marketing Manager, Cath Kidston

Accurate Product Data – for Advertising Precision

Are your products accurately represented, all the time?

In a high street store consumers can examine products before purchasing; online they have to rely on the way products are presented by the retailer. Online shopping is growing in popularity, but consumers still have concerns about purchasing online, so accuracy is essential.
Product prices and availability can change rapidly, so it’s important that the data you use in marketing channels reflects the status of each product within your inventory. Inaccurate data costs money – in terms of missed sales – and it also drains PPC budgets.
Consumers also get frustrated if they see a product advertised as £5 in one channel, only to find that it actually costs £10 on the website, or doesn’t include delivery data or is out of stock.

It’s in the interest of all e-commerce retailers to represent their products as precisely and accurately as possible across all their digital channels.

Why Product Data Must Be Accurate

Accurate product data is essential to ensure that your product listings display the correct product information no matter which channel they appear in.

To avoid inconsistencies, it’s important to refresh your product data regularly. For products with frequently changing prices or availability e.g. travel holiday packages, the data can be refreshed more often to ensure that product information remains accurate and in near real time.
It’s also possible to build sales logic into the feed to prevent inconsistencies e.g. exclude out of stock products. Data can also be used to enhance products or added where data is missing e.g. colour of product, gender or enhanced descriptions – adding to the accuracy with which the product is represented.

How FusePump ensure your product data is accurate

  • We build customised software agents that extract product data with accuracy and consistency. These agents are then automated for future extractions. We extract data as required for each advertising or channel application, sometimes every hour.
  • We build feeds to the advertising or channel partner's specification using their preferred file format (e.g. XML or CSV), providing all the required product attributes and as many optional ones as possible, respecting any constraints on the data (e.g. maximum length of a product description).
  • We validate the feed against any schema the partner provides (e.g. DTD or XML Schema) and can also compress the data to reduce file size.
  • Product data performance is inspected by the FusePump account managers using our Feed Inspector tool. This provides alerts if feeds are not publishing to location or if the client changes site without notifying us.

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Think Product Data – Think FusePump

“Working with FusePump has helped us as a business manage all of our individual marketing feeds from comparison shopping channels through to Affiliate networks. We can supply a full master feed with all of our product data and FusePump’s technical team and internal tools map that data out in the exact format and specification that is desired by each channel…”

Richard McKnight, Digital Marketing Manager, Chain Reaction Cycles

Consumable Product Data – Reach More Customers

Is your product data working hard enough?

If you want to be successful in channel marketing, your product data needs to be consumable. Data taken from an e-commerce website must be mapped and categorised precisely to ensure that products are successfully integrated into additional marketing channels and advertising applications.

This is because each channel categorises products differently. For example, Amazon categorises a nightdress in ‘Nightgowns & Sleepshirts’ but ASOS defines it under ‘Lingerie and Nightwear’.

Before integrating the data feed, the categories must be changed to match the schema of the channel you are integrating into as failure to do so may result in products being rejected or becoming unsearchable by potential consumers.

Why product data must be consumable

  • Making sure that product data is consumable and accessible enables you to distribute and represent your products in many online marketing channels.
  • Increased visibility multiplies the chances of a consumer engaging with your products and also makes it cost-effective for PPC marketing budgets because underperforming products can be removed from channels, helping to minimise wasted click-through.
  • Mapping and categorising product data also makes it easier to integrate it into the various online channels and enhances the visibility of your products online.
  • It’s also possible to use product data to create new attributes, e.g. by taking information such as colour or gender from the product title or description. This can also work the other way, using individual attributes to optimise product titles or descriptions.

FusePump distribute data into more than 150 marketing channels

  • We can convert the master feed into the required format for both the retailer and channel partner, e.g. CSV, XML or URL.
  • Categories and attributes are mapped to each channel’s specification and all mapping is checked by our account managers using the Feed Inspector tool.
  • We are well-informed of partner update requirements and change or re-categorise the data accordingly
  • Key data can be combined from different attributes to enhance existing ones and create new ones if necessary, e.g. adding the product colour to the product title.
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