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New York – Wunderman, the world’s largest digital agency network, has acquired FusePump Ltd., a company specializing in product data and content for digital marketing, in a strategic move that will enhance Wunderman’s data offerings in EMEA and beyond.  Based in London, FusePump extracts product data from e-commerce websites and other data sources, making it available for integration into hundreds of marketing channels and advertising applications.  By distributing data into multiple online channels, FusePump helps retail, travel, mobile and entertainment companies realize their full digital marketing potential. 

Let’s talk about the weather

Spring is finally here and we’ve had several days of glorious sunshine; a few (strange) people even got their legs out at the weekend!

According to a Brandwatch survey for the Telegraph, more than 20% of all Twitter discussions[1] about the weather originate from Britain, making us the country that complains the most about the climate.

Weather has provided us with something to talk (or moan) about for centuries and the weather still influences our decisions on what to wear and what to do. So can retailers improve sales of winter woollies when the sun has got his hat on?

The comparison shopping engine is an extremely lucrative online marketing channel, yet some businesses still don’t make the most of it. This is often because they haven’t successfully optimised it or don’t have the resources to manage their product data. In spite of these challenges, they still persevere, well aware of the benefits of operating on an omnichannel level.

Of course once your product data feed has been integrated into the CSE, it’s actually fairly straightforward to attract customers and increase your sales. Price comparison engines are also quite cost-effective, as most work on a CPC (cost per click) basis.

However, the best way to be successful in comparison search engines is to make sure that you are using high-quality product data.

Online shoppers want their purchase journey to be quick and simple, especially if they have a lot of buying to do. As almost two thirds of consumers prefer to shop online using marketplaces[1] retailers should be embracing this channel and making sure their product listings are optimised.

We are thrilled to announce that FusePump have been shortlisted for not one, not two, but THREE awards at the prestigious Performance Marketing Awards.

This year there are 25 different categories and a judging panel of 16 prominent figures from organisations including Google, Facebook and the Guardian.

This year’s judges were looking for entries that displayed an impressive level of innovation, feasibility and return of investment, as well as clear campaign objectives and execution.

In partnership with Nokia, FusePump have been shortlisted for their BuyNow solution in the following categories:

How to use data feeds to solve your ecommerce marketing issues

The world of ecommerce is fast-paced and competitive, with prices and item availability changing rapidly. Customers expect online shopping to be a simple but satisfactory experience, with accurate product details correctly describing the items they want to purchase.

Data feeds can help businesses deliver a better ecommerce service to their customers so that customers not only find the products they’re looking for, but go on to purchase them whilst having an enjoyable online shopping experience. Satisfied customers will come back to your site time abd again and tell their friends about your products.

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FusePump assist notonthehighstreet.com with their product data extraction and distribution. The Google Shopping channel integration, or Google Product Search as it’s now known, has become a far more productive channel for us because of the optimised integration FusePump has achieved. As a result of increased product visibility, we have seen an increase in consumer click through compared to peak levels in Christmas 2011, August and September 201

Jim Warren, Senior Marketing Manager, Online Acquisition

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