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Further to our recent blog posts on Custom Labels and changes to Google Shopping, I thought it might be a useful exercise to take a stroll through the many different ways your products can actually appear on the search giant that is Google.

In order to raise money for Tommys, a charity funding research into pregnancy problems, four members of FusePump staff will be competing in the Great Escape Challenge on 12th – 14th September.

Although many of us were acutely aware that the recent bank holiday was the last one (in England, at least) until Christmas Day (sigh), rain probably deterred us from making the most of it. Indeed, few of us appear to have ventured out at all, with footfall at shops and retail parks dropping by as much as 14.1% across the UK on Monday.

There are some countries on this dear planet of ours – think Belgium, Switzerland, Canada – where there is a veritable smorgasbord of languages to choose from. And when you are a business operating in one of these multilingual states, you really need to cater for everyone… or risk losing valuable sales.

Last week we looked at the most popular products in the FusePump database in terms of clicks. This week, we take a peek at the products that have most significantly increased in popularity, enjoying lots of lovely clicks in the last seven days.

Check out the infographic below to find out how FusePump clients are making the most of their product attributes to win at online marketing…

FusePump presents a very simple and very handy guide to one of the newest features of the Google Shopping set-up… Custom Labels.

Custom Labels will replace AdWords Labels in your Merchant Center feed in late August.

This is part of the exciting big move from Product Listing Ads to Google Shopping Campaigns. Don’t panic. What consumers actually see won’t change – ads will appear in the same places, in the same format – but the way product data and campaigns are managed, monitored and optimised behind the scenes… well, this will change a little bit.

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