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A recent article by Nielsen discusses the impact of viewability on the “success” of an online advert. Dan Beltramo, EVP, Product Leadership, Marketing Effectiveness at Nielsen, comments: “It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that viewability equates to success. But a viewed ad does not guarantee brand lift.”

They may not be wearing white coats or mixing chemicals together, but some of our virtuoso developers will be working, building and experimenting in a brand new space following the launch of FusePump Labs.

In the Labs – or offices, more specifically – our growing Product Development team will be free to test ideas and create new tools for our clients, using various methods of technological wizardry.

Head of Product Development Leigh Simpson commented:

“FusePump has always been at the forefront of innovation with product data, and our new space helps support this mission. I’m really excited to be building the future of FusePump.”

We talk a lot about product data; particularly the value of high quality product data in your digital marketing efforts. It’s kind of our passion.

But we are going to stop telling and start showing. We’ve just launched our lovely new digital showcase page, featuring some of the work our talented FusePump Digital team has done for our clients (like Tesco, Nokia and Sky).

Following the fantastic success story that was the first ever FusePump Hackathon (and news that more and more companies are hosting these) we thought we’d share some advice on using hackathons as a way to innovate within your company. We kept our hackathon internal – only employees were involved; everyone was included – but you could construct a more open event to aid recruitment or to add to the knowledge pool.

Auf weidersehn! The FusePump team, most notably CEO Rob Durkin, is off to sunny Berlin to participate in the Performance Marketing Insights European conference, taking place at Estrel Convention Center on 24th and 25th June.

Taking part in a hack day? As we have recently emerged, triumphant but tired, from a pretty successful hacking event, the FusePump team are pleased to present this handy guide for hackathon victory…

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